Gratitude Holistic Coaching is brought to life with a realization to provide a gratitude-centered approach to health and wellness. Tammy empowers individuals to take control of their body, mind & soul, maintain balanced and live more joyful lives. She is in contact with business owners, business professionals, parents & children from all around the world who despite their success feel isolated, depressed, lost, frustrated or imbalanced.

The transition to being a parent and looking after a child is time filled with changing roles and identities. As a person, you have to rethink your priorities. Your needs are pushed aside and your responsibilities change. Tammy can coach you to identify the strengths in your family and she will help you develop a plan to address any challenges you are facing. You don’t need to be a new parent to need parent coaching.

Tammy coaches children, teenagers and young adults on their level and tailors each session to their needs, learning type and their personality. Being a Mum herself, she knows how to get to the heart of their problem with speed and empowers them to have the confidence to make positive life changes.

When you do in-person sessions, Tammy does healingsessions too. Experience this powerful combination of Coaching & Healing. Healing to reach into the subconscious, where we hold so much hidden, like trauma's, angryness and sadness. It’s the most effective way to dissolve blockages in a very short period of time in.